What We Do

At X-TREME, we undertake consultancy on total environmental management and implement turnkey project consisting of designing, engineering, manufacturing, installation and troubleshooting of all types of Water / Wastewater Treatment, Industrial Waste Treatment and Organic waste converter (OWC).

Sewage Treatment Plant

Technologies we work are

Effluent Treatment Plant

We provide solutions to all categories of industries, which include:

Water Treatment Plant

We provide complete solution in the area of water treatment, which includes:

Organic Waste Converter (OWC)

Our OWC is a NON – HEATING TYPE machine with an in-built curing system of 15 – 20 days. As the compositing activity is Aerobic, it requires heat and oxygen. Heat is generated naturally by biological activity of micro-organism, we also provide aeration to boost the Aerobic activity.  Biological Catalysts like Composting culture, Sawdust or Dry leaves are being mixed with organic waste to make sure that the waste is decomposed naturally. As this is a NATURAL PROCESS, it is not accelerated in any way and it is not done in 5 minutes or 24 hr,therefore you tend to get high quality, matured & odorless compost.

Enviornmental Clearence

Consulting Services towards MoEF, State PCB’s for existing and new establishments (Industrial, Commercial & Residential).

KSPCB Clearances include:                                                                                        Consent for Establishment (CFE)                                                                        Consent for Operation (CFO)

MOEF Clearance include                                                                          Environmental Clearances (EC)